Hidden Messages

I had a guy message me last night. He told me that he figured out the message in the covers of my three books. Now I know with complete certainty that there is no story or message built into my covers, but I was curious.

So I said, “Really, what message did you find?”

“Well, it’s like this: with Last One To Die you’re a younger guy and you got into some trouble, so the cover shows you in jail or prison doing your time.”

“OK, I can see how that could be seen that way. It was taken at the school across the street from where I was living at the time the book came out.”

“Now, the second book, Life Won’t Wait, you’re a little bit older and you’ve gotten deeper into the criminal world. The cover is multiple pictures of you on a bulletin board in an FBI office. Like a task force is looking for you.”

“Um, hate to disappoint you. They are all pictures taken by photographer Edward Colver. It’s not everyday you get Colver to take snapshots of you, so I tried to figure out a way to use all the pictures he would give me. It was supposed to look more like the results of a photo-shoot, not an FBI investigation.”

“Yeah, OK. The latest book, Born Frustrated, is you coming out of prison like a boss, a Suge Knight, Al Capone type of guy. You beat all the charges and you are a boss man now.”

“Cool concept, but I’m married, so I can’t be a boss man. I’m a broken shell of a man. In reality, what I was doing is this: I went back to the beginning. I shot some pictures in front of my place just like I did with Last One To Die. I walked around smoking my last Cuban cigar that I got from a cousin, and had ten or twelve shots taken. It was supposed to reflect the stripped down way the book was done, no reviews, no interviews just streamlined stories.”

“So, am I right? Is this how you connected the covers into a story?”

“Well, not really. Aw, hell, sure, why not?”

#michaelessington #misconceptionsofhell


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