Whatcha Gonna Do?

It seems like every TV station has a lineup of reality shows. What’s funny is that most people deny watching them. They’ve become like porn, you know people watch it, but they’ll take it to the grave that they do.

The first reality shows that I remember ever existing were Cops and The Real World. I admit to watching these shows when I was stuck at home sick and I channeled across a marathon of one of these shows. They were like crack. I didn’t like them, but after that first hit, I was selling my appliances for a buck a pop.

One of my favorite episodes of Cops, I remember seeing it twice during the same marathon, was about the local police being called to a house for a domestic disturbance, a father came home liquored up and was threatening to beat up his wife and daughters. The man was a very short Hispanic man in a cowboy hat, who was drunk off his ass. The cops show up and when they saw him, they look at each other like, “Really?” He barely came up to their shoulders.

The cops walk in the house and the family is huddled together crying, they go to the back room where the father is and he sees the cops and he starts growling and charges them. They move and he bounces off the wall. He gets up, staggers and charges again. And again, they move and he flies into a dresser, knocking it over. Again he tries to stand, still growling, he lunges again, they move and he slams face first into the wall next to the bed. The cops look him over and he has knocked himself out temporarily. He jumps up and is ready to lunge again when one of his daughters scream, “Stop you’re killing him!” This is where I started cracking up. The guy is half-dead and the cops never touched him.

Finally, the wife convinces the father to leave with them peacefully. Great stuff to watch when you’re sick with a warm bowl of soup.

#michaelessington #misconceptionsofhell


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