United We Stand

Back in 2008, when Obama was running for president and prop 8 was on the ballot, I had the naive notion that the country had become more open-minded and wanted to come together.

Obama won and 8 eventually passed, but instead of harmony, everyone seemed more outward with their racism and hate.

The more time that passes I realize people don’t want to be united. Whether it’s Democrat or Republican, we stand divided. Hell, if you can be beaten into a coma at a Dodger game by a couple of eses for liking the Giants, we will not come together, politically as a country.

People thrive on being separated, gangs, teams, politics, states, countries, cities and definitely religions. Being united destroys people’s reason to fight and kill. People, if I have learned nothing else in life, are united by their love of hate.

So, next time some bleeding heart liberal posts an image of multi-ethnic babies with a clever tagline like “We aren’t born hateful,” type underneath, “Give ’em a month.”

I’m not suggesting anyone become racist. What I’m saying is there are hoards of people that won’t and can’t be changed. Hell, the fastest growing religion in the world is based on the concept of “Convert or die.” Anyone capable of rational thought is losing.

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