Respect & Race

Misconceptions of Hell

Misconceptions of Hell

Over my many years on this Earth, there are two things that I’ve come to know as fact. And that is the stupider you are, the more important respect and your culture seems to be.

Some, may not see this, but believe me, those of us that have sat back with a beer in hand, in what would be perceived as the projects, and heard the battle cries of the mentally weak, “Oh no, that bitch ain’t coming in here ‘till she learns to respect my house.”

Let’s not forget the always enjoyable declaring of your race, creed or color, “Oh shit, you gotta respect my Puerto Rican ass!”

Now, some may say as a sexy Caucasian man I don’t understand. Sure, sure, I received those white privilege checks. Cashed them even.

The point is I have never met anyone, with an IQ over fifty that gave a shit if I recognized their cultural background and/or if I respected them.

A few Christmas’ back, I was standing outside in the cold night air, when two guys decided to come out and discuss why one guy didn’t respect the other. And as predicted, they exchanged blows. I jumped in to break it up and went home, slightly, bruised.

In reality, who gives two fucks if someone respects you? But when you are at the bottom rung of the evolutionary ladder what else do you have? Respect and skin color.

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Misconceptions of Hell

Misconceptions of Hell


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