Scott Weiland

Back in 2000 or 2001, I bought tickets for John Taylor at Billboard Live for my wife and her sister. They were old-school Duran Duran fans.

Once inside and seated in the balcony the reality of how sad this was hit. There were dozens of women in their late fifties and sixties, dressed like Duran Duran did in their Rio video. And many others with lunch boxes of the band.

The first band, the opening act, was a rap band. Four or five thugged out Armenian guys. While they performed, I saw a guy in a beanie walking around smiling ear to ear. Checking the band out from the balcony, then in front of the stage.

After a few minutes, I recognized him. It was Scott Weiland. I went over to talk to him. He had just got out of jail and put back on a little healthy weight. Turns out while in jail he met a few members of this rap band. They looked out for him while inside. Once out he agreed to manage them.

We shook hands and I wished him the best.

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