Back in 1986, I got invited to the record release party for Poison’s Look What the Cat Dragged In by Enigma Records. I don’t recall it being a very personal invite, probably just a postcard in the mail.

I wasn’t going to go, but I ended up reconnecting with an old high school friend and she wanted to hang out. So, I mentioned the Poison thing she said it sounded like fun — so we went.

As much as I can remember about the trip to the Whisky is this, she drove like a bat out of hell and most of the drive she had a joint dangling from her lips. I was pretty sure we were going to get pulled over. We didn’t.

Now, anybody that was around the Strip back then knows the behavior of any guy that was in a band was that of an egotistical drunken frat girl. Dumb jokes filled with sexual innuendo and bullshit bravado.

I tell you all that to tell you this when we got to the Whisky there was a line halfway around the block. I stepped to the front of the line and told the girl in the box office, I had an invite and just as I did that CC Deville Poison’s guitarist ran into the office and yelled, “Hold all my calls and charge everybody double,” in his high-pitched New Yorkish accent. I looked at him and pointed to his picture (lower left corner), and said: “You know, if we were in prison I’d probably fuck you.” His face dropped, he stared at me for a second and bolted from the office. The people in line were busting up, except for the girls; I heard a lot of, “Why would he say that to CC?”

My friend and I made our way into the world-famous Whisky and looked for a place to hang out. The rest of the night CC avoided me. And every time he’d do any of his over the top yelling or twirling his feather boas around I’d point at him and nod.

Shortly before we left Bret Michaels, Poison’s vocalist and former Pamela Anderson playmate came over and asked me, “What’s the deal with you and CC? Are you trying to fuck him?” I laughed and said, “No, I thought he looked like Suzanne Somers in the picture so I thought I’d yank his chain a bit.”

Bret laughed and gave me a beer. As I left I made a point of staring at CC and pointing. Silly kid.

#michaelessington #bornfrustrated


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