Robin Williams

Back in 2002, shortly after Robin Williams did his On Broadway special for HBO my wife took me to the Universal Amphitheatre to see him for my birthday.

The two things I remember most about the night. The first thing was the table in the middle of the stage. It was a circular table, approximately five feet around. And it was completely filled with water bottles, absolutely packed, not even an inch of space. Robin would do five or ten minutes of rapid fire, manic comedy, grab a bottle drink it in one gulp and throw it on the ground and continue. There had to be close to a hundred bottles of water and at the end of the night he finished them all and the table was empty.

The second thing I remember was my wife and I talking in the car on the way to the Amphitheater about the allegations of Robin stealing skits from other comics. As we were leaving the place, I said to my wife, “How could you tell if he had taken your skit. He wasn’t like Bill Cosby; he didn’t take thirty minutes to tell a story. He told five in three minutes. How could you tell if he mentioned your story?”

End the end of the show the stage was a mountain of plastic bottles and his clothes were drenched and pasted to his body. I don’t think I ever saw a performer work harder than he did that night. RIP

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