Help Thy Neighbor

I went to McDonald’s for my daily cup of coffee when a homeless man approached me. He asked if I had some change, then he mumbled something about what the change was for. I said I didn’t have any change, but I would after I bought the coffee. He said great and stood next to me with his hands folded in front of his chest.

We stood there for a few seconds waiting for my turn at the register. He commented on the weather, then I turned and asked him if he was hungry?

He said, “Yes, very.” So, I told him, let’s get breakfast. He told me what he wanted and I ordered for both of us. He thanked me two or three times and said I don’t need the change now, I only needed it to get food. Thank you.

We sat down and ate. He put some of his food in his backpack and ate the rest and left.


‪Swung by the same McDonald’s I was at the day before, thinking my homeless friend would be there. Ordered my coffee and waited for about forty-five minutes. No show. I figured if he was around I’d feed him.

Yesterday when we were in line together, he asked me the time. I wasn’t wearing my watch so I ballparked it and said, “Around 9:00.” He said, “Oh, it’s still early.”

I guess being homeless you get up and get moving when the sun comes up without really knowing the exact time.

Anyway, I’ll pop in tomorrow to see if he’s around.

#michaelessington #bornfrustrated


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