Waiting In Line

Coming to terms with another one of my many pet peeves today.

It’s people that stand alongside of me in line. It might be in line at a restaurant or a grocery store. I always end up in front of some over-anxious asshole that stands right there along side of me. Not behind. Right there next to me.

I try to be subtle. I’ll scoot over so I’m a bit in front of them. They move again. I’ll then look side to side as if I’m confused as to why they are standing there. Finally, when nothing is working on these inbreds, I’ll ask, “Did you need something?”

Then I get the whole, “Huh, what?” Then they start the attitude. Much like a beaten circus monkey, “What’s up, dude?”

I want to travel in a plastic bubble, like John Travolta before he started exposing himself to his male massage therapists.

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