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30 Pieces of Silver is a collection of short stories by Michael Essington, published in 2018. The collection deals largely with drinking, women, gambling, and writing. It is an important collection that establishes Essington’s minimalist style and his thematic oeuvre. 30 Pieces of Silver is comprised of nine stories and twenty-six poems. All dealing with themes of hell on Earth, noir with a twist of the supernatural.


Michael Essington is an American author and poet, most famous for his Mike Check column. Over the years, Essington has done dozens of celebrity interviews, as well as hundreds of music reviews. The weekly Mike Check column, which appears in Strange Reaction, and the very popular Deep Red Magazine. Essington’s column is read weekly by thousands of fans from Los Angeles to Singapore to Denmark.

As an original member of the early Los Angeles punk rock scene, Essington was a member of several bands and later a popular flyer illustrator.

Essington has written since his high school days. He lives with his wife, Elizabeth, son Lucas.

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The giveaway is between July 10 to July 31, 2019.

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30 Pieces of Silver

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30 Pieces of Silver


An Interview with Michael Essington

An interview I did with Fiona Mcvie, in the United Kingdom:


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30 Pieces of Silver

Hank, Part Four, A Story From 30 Pieces of Silver

Seconds later, Ralph came barreling down the driveway, gun aimed at Bo. Ralph was set to steal Arlington for Stan and shoot Bo.

With Ralph running down the driveway, Arlington took his uncuffed left hand and pulled a .22 from his pocket and shot Ralph in the forehead.

Bo threw the pizza box in Arlington’s face and hit the ground, rolling towards the right and into some bushes.

Arlington turned to run and Bo shot him in the shoulder and that dropped him.

The Domino’s Pizza boy, hearing the shots, called the police.

Ralph was dead before hitting the ground. Bo paid for his funeral and gave Ralph’s salary to his mom.

It wasn’t until a month or so later that the cops stumbled across voicemails and texts between Ralph and Stan. Basically, Stan told Ralph to take Bo out of the game any way you can.

A big court case, Stan the Snake Charmer was convicted of conspiracy to commit murder and sentenced to 25 to life.

Bo collected $150,000.00 and was pretty fucked up over Ralph trying to kill him.

It was a steady diet of Oxycontin and vodka for the next few months.

Fuckin’ Ralph.

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30 Pieces of Silver

Hank, Part Three, A Story From 30 Pieces of Silver

So, just like we did for Arlington, we checked property holdings, phone records. We checked to see how many vehicles she might own, planes, boats, etc.

As it turned out his secretary, Sheila, owned a nice townhouse in Westwood, a little out of her salary-range, but it looked like she had some wealthy parents that kicked down a nice down payment. She drove a two-year-old BMW. Why I don’t know. The cars are hunks of shit. Let me focus here for a minute. OK, she also owns a cabin in Big Bear. It was paid for in cash, two years ago. Would Sheila hide her ex-boss? Well, we need to find out before Stan the Snake Charmer does.

Unbeknownst to Bo, Stan the Snake Charmer had cut a deal with Ralph. Stan offered Ralph 10% of the recovery fee he would get. So, Ralph would pull down $15,000.00 of Stan’s $150,000.00. This is a decent payday. Bo had Ralph on a straight salary of $100,000.00 a year. Excellent money, but Ralph’s salary didn’t change when we got a big money client. So, Stan was going to lure Ralph, and play into his greed.

Ralph and Bo spent about a week staking out the Big Bear cabin. Finally, after five days, Richard Arlington made the mistake of ordering Domino’s Pizza.

As the delivery boy came up the road Ralph walked in front of the car and pulled the guy out of the car. Bo handed him a $100.00 and said:

“I’m taking your Domino’s Pizza hat and car. Once I deliver this pizza, I’ll return the stuff and you keep the cash. Understand.”

The kid shook his head yes. He was still a little shook-up over Ralph yanking him out of the car.

Bo drove up, knocked on the cabin door. Arlington answered. He had a $20.00 bill in his hand to pay. Bo grabbed his hand and slapped a handcuff on his right wrist.

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30 Pieces of Silver

Hank, Part Two, A Story From 30 Pieces of Silver

Ralph by trade was a bail bondsman. We were a detective agency; well Bo was a detective and occasional drug addict. I was the eye candy of the office.

We got this client, rich motherfucker, Richard Arlington. He killed his wife and somehow he made bail. The bail was a million bucks. Bo wanted to collect on this. Bo charged fifteen percent on all bail. So, if we nail Arlington we would look at $150,000.00. That’s one hell of a party.

I’ll be honest here; I don’t know shit about how this works. Bo talked to this guy, who talked to that guy and next thing I know Bo is talking to Ralph about bringing Arlington in.

I wish I could say it was easy, but we had competition. There was this guy in Van Nuys, an ex WWF Wrestler, Stan the Snake Charmer. After retiring from wrestling, he became a bondsman. Every time Bo got a case, Stan tried to beat us to finish line. Lucky for us, Gay Ralph was shutting Stan down. Ralph would slash tires; put sugar in gas tanks, which does nothing. You get the picture. We did what we could to slow shit down.

Back to Arlington. We did all the basic shit. We checked property holdings, phone records. Then checked to see how many vehicles he owned, planes, boats, etc. It seemed like Arlington’s account was selling most of the stuff off just as we’d go check on it.

Two and a half months into the case and we had nothing. We ended up looking into everybody he knew. It was hard. Arlington had no family, no kids, and no girlfriends – fuck he had no friends period. Fucking loser. We pulled information on his lawyer and his accountant, there was nothing there.

There was no credit card trail, nothing. Finally. Going into the third month of trying to flush this motherfucker out, Bo notices that there was a secretary on his payroll for three years, then thirty days before he was popped for the murder charge she was let go. There were no termination papers in his office, she was just gone and he was no longer paying her.

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30 Pieces of Silver

Hank, Part One, A Story From 30 Pieces of Silver

I’m back. Hank. Your favorite drunk. You know, Bo’s partner. Anyway, enough of the refreshers. Our last case, the rich woman with the drug dealing gay husband, you know? Business has been on an upswing.

About six months ago, Bo hired a Samoan guy named Ralph. He’s about six-foot-four or five. And, about 300 pounds, give or take fifteen.

Ralph is a great guy. He’s also gay, which he has no qualms telling you in the most awkward situations. For example, he handled a court summons the other day. The guy had been avoiding the summons for months. Ralph tracked the guy down in the men’s bathroom at the Staples Center. The guy was at the urinal when Ralph handed him the summons. The guy, a wannabe gangster, tried to pull a weapon out of his pocket; Ralph put his hand on his shoulder and said:

“If you pull a weapon, first I’ll kick your ass, and then I’ll fuck it.”

He cleared that bathroom. The guy took the summons and left. I had questions:

“Would you have actually fucked him?”

“No, I don’t like white guys. Not my type.”

“Well, goddamn.”

The more I thought about it the more I wanted to Krazy Glue my ass closed. I may be dead, but I’m also white. The last thing I need while I’m sharing a bottle of Night Train with St. Peter is to have my rotting corpse violated.

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30 Pieces of Silver

The Mirror, A Story From 30 Pieces of Silver

It’s been about twenty years since I’ve looked in a mirror. Don’t get me wrong. I shave, brush my teeth and comb my hair, but I don’t make eye contact.

I don’t know if it’s age. More than likely it’s me. I know where I’ve been and who I am and I can’t look at it dead in the face.

The man I hoped to be versus who I am. I can’t do it.

I’ll shave, run my hand across my face and see if I need to run the blade across my face one more time. It’s a blind man’s shave.

I can brush my teeth in the dark, run the brush across each tooth, spit, rinse and go.

Throw some gel in the hair; run the comb back, I’m done.

Something happened over the years. One day I woke up ready to conquer the world, the next the world conquered me.

The mirror and I aren’t friends.

You turned my hair gray. My eyes from blue to red. Where there was life, there are lines.

The mirror and I aren’t friends.

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30 Pieces of Silver